Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature.
Fuelled by Nature
Bug River Valley

geographic centre of Europe


in north-eastern Poland

On the borders

with Lithuania and Belarus

Capital city


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Understand Podlaskie

Does Podlaskie equal Podlasie?
What does the multicultural character of Podlaskie mean today?
How come Poland's lowest temperatures are noted right here?
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Understand Podlaskie
Kupala Night / Photo by Paweł Tadejko

Understand Podlaskie

Nature is the key to Podlaskie. It is in perfect harmony with the region's culture as well as its architecture, both traditional and modern. Discover why Podlaskie is "Fuelled by Nature".
Understand Podlaskie
Podlaskie Opera and Philharmonic in Białystok / Photo by Michał Heller

Understand Podlaskie

Podlaskie is the most culturally diversified of all Polish regions. It has the largest Orthodox population in Poland, as well as Tatar, Belarusian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian minorities.
Understand Podlaskie
Mosque in Kruszyniany / Photo by Agnieszka Sulik

Understand Podlaskie

Podlaskie boasts the largest free-ranging population of European bisons in the world. The regional logo, which features a colourful bison, was designed by Prof. Leon Tarasewicz – a famous Polish painter, who was born near Białystok.
Understand Podlaskie
European bison / Photo by Jan Walencik
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Podlaskie TOP 10

People and economy
Leon Tarasewicz

Prof. Leon Tarasewicz

One of Poland’s most significant contemporary artists. He lives in a small village of Waliły near Białystok, where he was born in 1957. In his works Tarasewicz constantly crosses the boundaries of the old and seemingly unsurprising art of painting. He created the logo of Podlaskie: a European bison woven with colours.

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Anna Sokólska

The best woman horseback archer in the world.  She was born and bred in Podlaskie. Friends sometimes call her “SatAnn”. Why? She likes snowboarding, bridge jumping and is a professional mounted archer. She has been winning international competitions for years, in a sport, in which women make only about 30% of all athletes.

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Fair Play Crew

Fair Play Crew

A group of performers loved all over the world. With a career that spans 25 years, they choreograph and direct spectacles enthusiastically applauded in Poland, Europe and… China. They are the creators of Europe’s largest dance festival – Fair Play Dance Camp. Due to Fair Play Crew’s success and popularity, Białystok has earned its nickname – “Polish capital of dance”.

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Sebastian Nietupski

Kotniz was established over 40 years ago by Zdzisław Nietupski, Sebastian’s father. It produces accessories for the yachting industry. Kotniz’s products can be found on boats sailing all over the world under the colours of virtually every state.

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Cezary Chwicewski, Jędrzej Dondziło

Creators of Up to Date Festival – one of the major electronic music festivals in Poland. Cezary is the Festival’s creative director, co-founder of the Pozdro Techno brand, “Personality of the Year 2017” Award in the Culture category. Jędrzej, aka DJ Dtekk, is the programme director and a one-man-institution in the Polish scene of electronic music.

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Aleksandra Krasnodębska-Gwardzik

For the last couple of years, under the brand name of SVOJE, Aleksandra has been crafting natural cosmetics based on local ingredients: soaps, peelings and oils. SVOJE is a family business. Aleksandra works hand in hand with her father Krzysztof and her husband Piotr.

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Adam Zdanowicz

Adam Zdanowicz is the founder of Poland’s greatest custom bicycle studio. In his trailblazing career, Adam has made bicycles for stars and celebrities, including the likes of Slash of Guns N’ Roses, Michał Szpak or Aleksander Milwiw-Baron. He is also the winner of the world’s most prestigious award at a bike show in Las Vegas.

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Zenon Martyniuk

The king of “disco polo” music genre and co-founder of the legendary “Akcent” band. His smash hit “Przez Twe oczy zielone” (“Because of Your Green Eyes”) is the second most popular Polish song on YouTube with over 100 million views. In 2018, Zenon Martyniuk received the Honorary Ambassador of Podlaskie Award.

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August in Podlaskie

Wrap up your summer holidays in Podlaskie with a visit to the village of Kruszyniany, where local Tatar community celebrates Sabantuy – an annual farmers’ festival marking the end of field works. Do not forget to look up at night and watch the celestial spectacles of shooting stars across the sky.

Taste Podlaskie

Podlaskie has for ages been a melting pot for many different nations and cultures. This unique mix is reflected in the cuisine of the region, which features a one-of-its-kind mosaic of flavours, aromas and sensations. Here are some of the typical dishes that you should try when in the region.

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