Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature. - August 2021

Plan your year in Podlaskie

August 2021

29 July - 8 August
Podlasie Slow Fest

The slowest festival in the world: cinema, concerts, theater, cooking, meetings with nature and workshops for children. And in the background – fairy-tale Supraśl. 

7-9 August 2021
500 Kayaks

A great kayaking adventure on the Bug, one of Poland’s last unregulated rivers. The first edition of the rally took place in 2013, to mark the 500th anniversary of Podlaskie Voivodship.

all August
Perseids in the Podlaskie sky

Spend the Night of Perseids in Podlaskie to witness this spectacular meteor shower in one of Poland’s least light polluted regions.

August in Podlaskie

Wrap up your summer holidays in Podlaskie with a visit to the village of Kruszyniany, where local Tatar community celebrates Sabantuy – an annual farmers’ festival marking the end of field works. Do not forget to look up at night and watch the celestial spectacles of shooting stars across the sky.

August in Podlaskie
Podlaskie has
the largest population of free roaming European bisons
in the world.
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