Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature. - December 2021

Plan your year in Podlaskie

December 2021

24-26 December

Spend a magic Christmas amid nature. Enjoy, savour, explore and relax – as you like.

all December
Russian banya

Warm up in the Russian banya! This traditional type of sauna had been brought to Podlaskie by the Old Believers and is a popular attraction nowadays.

all December
Winter swimming

Try winter swimming in Podlaskie rivers. Popular winter swimming places in the region include Wasilków, Supraśl and the Dojlidy Reservoir in Białystok.

December in Podlaskie

The area of Suwałki in the northern part of Podlaskie is the coldest spot in Poland. And when temperature falls well below zero it is time to hit the slopes, cross-country trails and lakes… for some refreshing winter swimming!

December in Podlaskie
In the village of Kruszyniany there is
the oldest mosque in Poland.
The area features a thriving community of Polish Tatars.
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