Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature. - November 2020

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November 2020

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Autumn mists

Early morning autumn mists make picture-perfect scenery. Make the most of your November mornings and hunt for some stunning shots!

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Wasilków cemetery

See one of Podlaskie’s most impressive necropolises, the Wasilków cemetery, which features unusual tombstones and statues.

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Holy Mount Grabarka

For some profound soul-searching moments, visit the Holy Mount Grabarka, the holy site and place of pilgrimage for the Orthodox from all over Europe.

November in Podlaskie

There are many different faces to this nostalgic month in Podlaskie. If you need to step back and calm down, it is a perfect time to pay a visit to Holy Mount Grabarka and soak up the transcendental aura which surrounds this mystic place.

November in Podlaskie
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