Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature. - September 2022

Plan your year in Podlaskie

September 2022

2-4 September 2022
Up to Date Festival

Be sure to spend the first week of September in Białystok and attend the iconic Up to Date Festival, which features world-famous artists of electronic music.

all September
Deer and elk rutting season

The forests in September pulse with loud deer and elk concerts, as their rutting season reaches its peak.

all autumn
Suwałki Landscape Park

Plan a hike in the Suwałki Landscape Park. Admire the varied landform dotted with hills, lakes and boulders – the result of a glacier which treversed these lands some 10 thousand years ago.

September in Podlaskie

As summer comes to an end and autumn slowly draws in, Podlaskie reverberates with music. Białystok resounds with electronic music as it hosts the famous Up To Date Festival. At the same time Podlaskie forests stage an exceptional concert as deer rutting season begins.

September in Podlaskie
Białystok boasts
Poland's oldest tower clock,
which has been in use for 250 years now.
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